Bank of America Express Banking Center

Working with BD Development, NYMEC provided all of the electrical work for the Bank of America Express Banking Center at 95 Wall Street in lower Manhattan. Financial institutions require significant security measures be taken. NYMEC provided all the wiring and installation of the security systems, video monitoring, SCTV that was needed. They also installed highly sophisticated sensor equipment to monitor and regulate changes in voltage which may impact performance of the bank’s ATM machines.

The project was performed flawlessly which impressed the owner of the 95 Wall Street building. As a result, when Hurricane Sandy hit, he contacted NYMEC for repairs needed to the entire building’s electrical system.

Industry City Associates

NYMEC was awarded one of the largest medium voltage projects in the New York urban area, in Brooklyn’s Industry City. The project entailed transferring a 100+-year-old old riser infrastructure to all new power sources. Through their affiliation with BD Development, which came aboard in a consultancy capacity, NYMEC was able to combine the electrical and general construction to provide turnkey solutions. The result: a savings for the client of approximately $2.3 million.

Industry City Associates was very happy with the performance and is using NYMEC for other projects.

95 Wall Street

95 Wall Street is a high-rise residential building with commercial establishments on the first floor. When Hurricane Sandy struck, the building’s basement was flooded, and its entire electrical network was under water. The owner turned to NYMEC, which built a new electrical distribution center for the building on the 2nd floor, rerunning all electrical, while providing a temporary electric switchboard to power the building while they worked.

The project was completed on time, within a year. The owner of the building was impressed with the quality of the work and NYMEC’s ability to work around the schedules of the building’s tenants and without interfering in the daily operations of its businesses.

IBM Technology

IBM turned to NYMEC to update its technology on three floors of the 51 Astor Place location. NYMEC’s staff is certified to work on high-tech data systems, and certified by Panduit, the leading manufacturer of cabling components and equipment racks. For IBM, NYMEC installed and set extensive lighting controls, ran fiber optics for data, and built out its network rooms. NYMEC’s capabilities to do the necessary splicing, terminating and testing of these systems in-house allowed it to perform this project in a more efficient and cost effective manner than would have been required by other electrical companies.d

W New York Hotel – Arlo Hudson Square

W New York Hotel tasked NYMEC to renovate the power, data and control systems in 250 rooms of this four-star hotel. The main challenge: to perform the job while the hotel was occupied…and to complete it in under six months. NYMEC listened to and understood the client’s needs — unused rooms translates to lost revenue for a hotel – and they worked with W New York to undertake the project around the hotel’s schedule, working double shifts, and by laboring through the night. NYMEC was able to complete the job on time and under budget.

North Shore LIJ – Cohen Children’s Medical Center Pediatric Pharmacy

The North Shore-LIJ Health System hired NYMEC to assist in the building of a dedicated Pediatric Pharmacy Department at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Working with another general contractor, NYMEC installed all the electrical and data needs for this facility, achieving optimal accuracy and efficiency to meet patient safety, corporate strategy and regulatory compliance expectations. Included among the installations were normal and emergency power, controls, medical equipment, fire alarms and nurse call systems.

Brookdale Hospital – Family Care Centers

When Brookdale University Hospital moved forward on its mission to provide primary care directly to the neighborhoods surrounding its hospital and medical center, they brought in NYMEC to help make their dream a reality. Working with BD Development, who built the Family Care Centers, NYMEC provided all the electrical and data needs, including normal power, emergency power, backup systems – highly critical for medical equipment – along with fire alarms and nurse call systems.

Mt. Sinai Emergency Department

NYMEC teamed with BD Development to renovate Mt. Sinai’s Emergency Department. The project included the installation of pipe work, critical facility power distribution and communication for state-of-the-art medical equipment, emergency power, nurse call system and more. The job required continuous coordination between the medical staff and the building engineering staff to maintain compliance with the infection control requirements and to also maintain Department of Health requirements for working in an emergency room.

This project was completed on time, in less than a year, and within budget.

Sidera Data Center

Sidera, a Manhattan-based telecommunications company that provides fiber optic-based network solutions to a variety of industries, engaged NYMEC to provide new, redundant power services from their main electric room to their two DC plants. This job proved particularly challenging, as it required the routing of pipes across the main hallway of the high-traffic Google building (111 8th Avenue). NYMEC met these challenges and was able to execute this project efficiently and on budget.