Established in 2007 by BD Development founders Domenico Flavoni and Jimie Deleteris, NYMEC was created to be an electrical contracting company capable of self-performing many of the services that competitive electrical companies were incapable of performing or needed to subcontract out.

NYMEC grew quickly because it filled a void in the marketplace by offering a far more comprehensive list of services, including general construction, construction management and technical consulting.

As NYMEC grew, we were able to become a proud union member, allowing NYMEC to work harmoniously with other local trades unions, while maintaining independent control to maximize productivity of our staff members.

We also developed the expertise and experience to specialize in medium and high-voltage applications. Our elite team of electricians became certified, and developed extensive experience in this area. And we purchased the heavy equipment necessary for larger projects.

Today, NYMEC is a leader in the Tri-State area with a diversified portfolio of electrical projects in a wide variety of vertical industries.