About Us

What makes NYMEC different?

As an electrical contracting company, New York Mechanical Electrical Company, LLC (“NYMEC”) offers its clients a number of unique benefits that most other electrical contractors cannot.

First and foremost, NYMEC’s alliance with BD Development means NYMEC can provide turnkey construction services, from small projects to large infrastructure projects. Our ability to self-perform many aspects of a project means your project can be completed more efficiently and affordably, virtually eliminating potential subcontractor issues.

As a proud union member, NYMEC works harmoniously with other local trades unions, while maintaining independent control to maximize productivity of its staff members. Productivity coupled with best-in-class services, helps clients meet scheduling deadlines as well as financial goals.

While NYMEC provides a full range of electrical services, we specialize in medium and high-voltage applications. Our electricians are certified, and have extensive experience in this area. Through a formal training program on electrical safety, each staff member understands the hazards associated with working on medium and high-voltage equipment. Further, NYMEC owns and operates heavy equipment for larger projects, which is a clear indication of its commitment to its capabilities, and quality services.

NYMEC’s perfect safety record is a clear indication that safety is our top priority. We take every precaution to ensure the safe delivery and distribution of power to customers. We meet or exceed all OSHA safety standards, use the most modern equipment, tools, and protective gear, and maintain a program of regular electrical training to keep up with new technologies.

Whether your project is a medical facility, data or technology center, commercial buildings or industrial complex, our highly trained employees have the skills required to get the job done properly and keep the power flowing.